The following are comments about the quality of my work from authors and others in the publishing community.

"Ulrike Guthrie knows how to take a manuscript and work with a writer to make it the most it can be. Part editor, part mentor and coach, she offers solid direction and brings out a writer's best. Always accessible, on schedule, a quick study, and able to maintain a brisk pace, Guthrie is also a project manager's ideal freelancer. She is a valued colleague who has contributed greatly to our authors' growth and our company's profile."—Michael Wilt, former Editorial Director, Cowley Publications

"The Pilgrim Press has a real gem in the person of Ulrike Guthrie. Uli's prompt, insightful responses as an editor, couched in unfailing kindness, have made this process much more enjoyable and rewarding."—Mark C. Davis, Talking About Evangelism: A Congregational Resource

"My manuscript was blessed by the editorial attentions of Ulrike Guthrie, who was everything one could seek in an editor -- kind, gracious, honest, supportive, and possessing a keen ear for what I was trying to say. My book was made so much better by her deft editorial hand."—David K. Urion, M.D., Pediatric neurologist, Compassion as a Subversive Activity: Illness, Community, and the Gospel of Mark

"Ulrike Guthrie is a true gem of an editor: patient, intelligent, forthright but gentle; and, best of all, she loves writers. More so than any editor I have ever worked with, she is skilled at entering into the writer's mind and perspective, coaxing out of us the best that we have, seeing it before we do, and more clearly."—Marjorie Procter-Smith, In Her Own Rite: Constructing Feminist Liturgical Tradition; and Praying with our Eyes Open: Engendering Feminist Liturgical Prayer

"Every author needs a good editor. Some religious and theological writers, like myself, are fortunate enough to work with a superb editor. Ulrike Guthrie was my good fortune. Possessed of a literate eagle-eye for style and substance, she knows how to engage a writer's hopes for words that make a difference. I am deeply indebted to her editorial skills, and commend her to any who wish for editorial work beyond the ordinary."—Don E. Saliers, Worship Come to Its Senses; and Worship as Theology: Foretaste of Glory Divine

"Ulrike Guthrie is an editor who awakens my creative imagination. With perceptive wisdom, she empowered me to venture into areas beyond my comfort level, assuring that two different projects are much stronger than I initially envisaged. I am a better writer because of Ulrike. Through her work ethic, she encouraged me to press on diligently with my manuscripts, assuring that I finished both projects ahead of schedule. Any publisher will discover in Ulrike a gifted editor able to bring out the best in the authors she serves."—Jaco J. Hamman, When Steeples Cry: Leading Congregations Through Loss and Change; and Becoming a Pastor: Forming Self and Soul for Ministry"

"I am deeply indebted to Ulrike Guthrie, who has been an exemplary editor. Her wisdom about the content of this book and about the process of writing any book has played a crucial role in bringing this work to publication. Her collegiality and encouragement have been of inestimable value."—Kathleen Greider, Much Madness is Divinest Sense: Wisdom in Memoirs of Soul-Suffering

"International students often have a hard time working in a language that is not their mother tongue. I have struggled with the English language since I began my graduate studies. Providentially Ms. Guthrie was placed in my path and transformed my writings into coherent English. In the process of working with her, I have begun changing my writing habits and have become a better writer. My career path has a firmer direction thanks to Uli's professional assistance and personal support."—Efrain Velesquez, Puerto Rico, dissertation on an archaeological reading of the book of Malachi.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ulrike Guthrie from 1996-2006. During those 10 years she has been my book editor for 6 major textbooks in pastoral care and counseling. She is a talented editor who combines sound judgment, a creative imagination and psychological-mindedness. Her suggestions regarding both the writing style and presentation of the books made a major contribution to their success."—Andrew J. Weaver, author and editor of Counseling Troubled Older AdultsCounseling Troubled Teens and their Families; Counseling Families across the LifespanCounseling Survivors of Traumatic Events (all with Abingdon Press); Counseling on Sexual IssuesCounseling Persons with Addictions and Compulsions (both The Pilgrim Press).

"Ulrike Guthrie is a highly talented editor with vast experience and very considerable people skills. I would commend her both to already well published authors and equally to those who are just beginning to dip their toes in the turbulent waters of writing books."—Kenneth Cracknell, In Good and Generous Faith: Christian Responses to Religious Pluralism

"Any author who seeks straightforward, concise, and creative feedback would be wise to work with Ulrike Guthrie. I highly recommend her."—Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Omnigender: A Transreligious Approach; and Transgender Journey (with Vanessa Sheridan).

"Throughout the process, Ulrike's keen eye and understanding of the project guided this book from Doctoral thesis to finished manuscript with precision. Her suggestions were always necessary and always in the spirit of the work. Blending theology, philosophy and Church experience is a heady mix and Ulrike's touch produced clarity without sacrificing integrity. I couldn't have won the Lambda [Award] without her. Whoever works with Ulrike will quickly learn that she is one of the best in the business."—Cheri DiNovo, Que(e)rying Evangelism: Growing a Church from the Outside/In, winner of the Lambda award for spirituality and religion in 2006.

"Ms. Guthrie is an outstanding editor who has made a better writer of me. She is caring, diligent, and responsible. In all submissions I made, she returned my manuscripts in 24 hour or less. I have worked with other editors, but Ms. Guthrie stands out among them all. I have learned with her what it is to have a truly great editor. She not only respects my work, but is able to understand my goals and makes my work that much better. We share a love for the creative art of putting words together so that people's lives can be touched, and even changed. I hope to continue working with Ms. Guthrie in the future, knowing that I will always learn and grow under her tutelage."—Loida I. Martell-Otero, Associate Professor of Constructive Theology, Palmer Theological Seminary.

"Writing can occasionally be blissful, but at other times is little short of torment. There are few people who actually have the power to make writers' lives bearable in such times. Our editor, Ulrike Guthrie, surely is one such person. Through the deft exercise of her craft, she improves our ability to communicate with our readers, and also enriches our lives in many other ways with her professional skill, personal warmth, and friendship. Thanks again and again, Uli."—Dori Grinenko Baker and Joyce Mercer, Lives to Offer: Accompanying Youth on their Vocational Quests

"It is difficult to overstate just how important it is for an author to find a good editor to work with. Objectivity, knowledge, encouragement and constructive criticism makes for the production of good scholarship. If this is what you are looking for, you will not get better than Ulrike Guthrie."—John Swinton, Resurrecting the Person: Friendship and the Care of People with Mental Health Problems

"I appreciate the keen eye and careful acumen of my editor, Ulrike Guthrie, who has the ability to make an ordinary sentence sparkle."—Carol Merritt, from Tribal Church

"Ulrike Guthrie is the most gifted editor with whom I have ever worked. She has a unique ability to draw out an author's ideas and to clarify them while always preserving the voice of the author. She is also amazingly efficient with fast turn-around times. She is a warm and sensitive person who is a delight to know and work with."—Stephen L. White, The College Chaplain: A Practical Guide to Campus Ministry

"Ulrike Guthrie is, without doubt, the most helpful and encouraging editor with whom I have yet worked. Her cheer is infectious, helping her sometimes tough counsel to go down a little more easily. I hope to work with her again in the future, and would commend her to other authors and publishers."—Paul Nixon, I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church

"Thanks to Ulrike Guthrie, my book-length manuscript has been accepted for publication. I am greatly indebted to Uli for her clear insights, careful editing, and attentive proofing throughout my work. Without her help I could not have accomplished such a formidable task."—Raúl Gómez-Ruiz, SDS, Mozarabs, Hispanics, and the Cross: Hispano-Mozarabic Good Friday Liturgy

"As I said in the Preface of my 2004 Academy of Parish Clergy Book of the Year, A History of Preaching: 'During most of the eighteen years I have worked on this book, I have benefited from the advice, skill, and warmth of my editor at Abingdon Press, Ulrike Guthrie. Only she knows the depth of my debt.'"—O.C. Edwards, Jr., A History of Preaching

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