I AM a veteran editor who offers prompt, reasonably-priced, and encouraging service to writers around the world from my office in Maine. I EDIT ELECTRONICALLY using the "track changes" function in Word through which I can not only indicate textual changes but also make comments to you explaining my changes and asking you questions. Everything I edit, I send to my authors as email attachments.

EXPERIENCE: Beginning in 1986 as the religious studies editor at Cambridge University Press in England, I have worked as an editor for Abingdon Press, Chalice Press, Cowley Publications, Fortress Press, Morehouse Publishing, St. Mary's Press, The Alban Institute, The Pilgrim Press, and Wipf and Stock. I conduct regular writing workshops and retreats at various universities, and work with hundreds of general, professional, and academic authors from around the world. In total, I estimate I've edited around 1,500 book manuscripts and 500 dissertations since 1986. Nearly all my work comes through referrals and repeat customers. Some of those writing-editing partnerships are over 30 years old. Take a look at what my authors say about working with me in TESTIMONIALS.

TYPES OF PROJECTS: I specialize in academic book manuscripts and dissertations, articles and papers. Many of my projects are in the field of religion, but I am happy to work in other fields, and for non-academic audiences. For example, recently I've edited manuscripts on West Germany and the Iron Curtain, on Femicide in Italy, on the History of Heredity and Conception in Germany and the US, on Health Research Systems in Uzbekistan, on Conflict in Fishing Communities in N.E. Sri Lanka, and a children's picture book. Every year I edit a great many dissertations-in-progress, as well as (typically last-minute!) conference papers and journal articles.

FEES: [**Note fee change beginning 1 January 2024**] I charge $60/hour for editing, $85/hour for quick turn-around (within 48 hours). If you have a limited budget, let's talk. I can tailor my help to your needs. For example, if your budget does not allow me to do a thorough edit of the entire manuscript, I might give you my overall impressions of what needs to be changed and how, then do a thorough edit of one or two chapters. Please do ask.

PAYMENT: By check or PayPal in US$, or by arrangement in pounds sterling in the UK.I invoice electronically, in stages if it's a longer working relationship (many authors I work with over months or even years), or on completion and return of the edited manuscript if it's a short project. Unless we have worked together before, I reserve the right to delay return of the balance of my work until I have received full payment for my services. I am happy to consider special billing arrangements in advance. Just ask.

TURNAROUND TIME: How long it takes me to edit a project depends on its length, complexity, how well it's written, and what's in line ahead of your project. But to give you an idea: A fairly well written 250-300 page double-spaced manuscript typically takes me about 15-20 hours ($990 to $1,200) whereas one that needs a great deal of line-by-line editing and re-writing might take more like 30-40 hours ($1,800 to $2,400). The bulk of my work I turn within 14 days of receipt, though at busier times of year it can take longer. I always acknowledge receipt of your work by email and give you an approximate date by which to expect it back from me so that you're not left wondering.

For a good ESTIMATE of what it is likely to cost to edit your work, send me a sample chapter. I will do an hour's worth of editing on it and then you can decide on the basis of that work whether and how you want to proceed. (I do charge for this hour of service.)

I AIM TO MAKE YOUR WRITING SING. It will be your name, not mine, on the cover of the book. I want you to look good. To that end, you will find me a forthright and encouraging editor who pushes you hard to achieve satisfying results and become a better writer.

Ulrike Guthrie Editing Services
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