Need help writing your book proposal? book manuscript? dissertation? conference presentation? With 38 years' experience as an editor working with publishers and authors from around the world, I can help you make your fair manuscript good and your good manuscript excellent. My rates are reasonable, my turn-around time fast.I work with writers hoping to publish for the first time as well as seasoned authors—like the one below— who already understand the benefits of working with a professional editor.

"Ulrike Guthrie is a true gem of an editor: patient, intelligent, forthright but gentle; and, best of all, she loves writers. More so than any editor I have ever worked with, she is skilled at entering into the writer's mind and perspective, coaxing out of us the best that we have, seeing it before we do, and more clearly."— Marjorie Procter-Smith, author of In Her Own Rite and many other books and articles
Ulrike Guthrie
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